Welcome to Williams Towne’s website! This website serves homeowners, residents, and guests of the Williams Towne neighborhood in beautiful Acworth, Georgia. While you’re visiting the website be sure to check out the News & Events pages for new announcements or updated website content. If you would like to make suggestions or comments for the website please email us or use Towne Talk Forum and we’ll do our best to accomodate. Thanks for visiting and check back often for new content or to check announcements. Several neighbors have asked how to reserve the pool for private parties. For your convenience have added a Williams Towne Pool Reservation Request Form to the Documents page of the website. If you want to reserve the pool please download the form and submit it at least 10 days prior to your reservation request date. Follow the instructions given on the form to reserve your date! You can download the form by clicking HERE or go to the Documents page. We will be placing a “NO SOLICITING” sign at the front entrance. A new neighborhood directory is being developed. Please remember to review the WTHOA covenants, (click here), and abide by them. The covenants are designed to protect our property values and standard of living. In today’s depressed real estate market it is more important than ever to do everything possible to make Williams Towne a desirable community and a great place to live. Want to add an addition to your home? Maybe change the color of your house? How about a nice fence or driveway extension? That’s great! BUT, remember that you are required to get WTHOA approval prior to starting your project. To make it easy we have developed  an architectural review application that you can use to submit your plan for review by the Williams Towne Architectural Control Commitee. The “Architectural Project Review Application” can be downloaded HERE. If you want to know who your WTHOA board members are or how to contact them visit the Board Members page by clicking the link here:  (Go to Board Members page)   (Mouse over photos to enlarge)